This day!

This is the post excerpt.

Somehow this day will always be special to me.

  1. Two years ago, I went to the city that I love the most(read Hyderabad), to start afresh, to have my further education in something I am most passionate about.
  2. Today. Now that I’ve done something about which I’m passionate. It’s time to do something that feeds my soul. And it’s writing. People those who know me well, are aware of the fact that I’m a person who expresses my feelings well, be it verbally or in written. So, from this day, it’s high time to let the world get a glimpse of it.

People say that my eyes speak for themselves but from now onwards, I’ll let my words do the talking.

And before I leave, all I would say is that life is too short(as we all know) then why not do something which you’ve always thought of doing? Whether it’s singing, acting, dancing, writing, getting a masters degree, etc, etc. Give yourself a little chance and you’ll do wonders! ♥



Setting yourself free.

Okay, I know I was lost for a while, accept my apology people! 😁🙏

But yeah, all this while I realized I don’t feel the same anymore to pen it down. I wrote two articles(weeks ago) before writing this one but both of those posts are still saved in my draft and neither do I feel like completing it nor do I have the urge to share it with the world. Maybe that’s where I realized that I’m good without certain feelings & thoughts. ♥

Coming back to the point, I know some of you must be thinking that, 

Is it really easy to get out of a phase which you thought would last till eternity?

Trust me, it is not but it does get easy when you realize that some people just don’t understand and can’t really grasp the concept of loyalty & honesty. That’s where you decide to stay away from such toxic people & their negativity.

Sometimes you have to leave the people to do the nuisance, they so rightfully have an expertise in. And more than often, the things & people you can’t really let go off, they themselves give you a reason & set you free.

Now when you have finally accepted the harsh reality, that’s where you set yourself free from all those attachments & inhibitions and suddenly you’ve a realization that, there’s more to life. You start noticing the guy/girl who must have never crossed your mind even till now, you start exploring new places, start going out with new people, take up new hobbies, etc.

There might even come a stage where you will realize that, that just because you were stuck for so long on things which were never good for you that’s why you ended up feeling so pathetic and all the similar feelings.

But not anymore, I hope you guys too get your closure from anything/anyone which is hindering your growth & start living your life the way you always wanted to! 😊

That’s all for today. Hope you people have an amazing day ahead! 🙂

The art of letting go..

After hell lot of procrastination, I’m back again with something that hasn’t left my mind, ever since I met some of the most important people of my life and that is- ‘the art of letting go.’

It’s hard to be a person who gets easily attached to things, places and most importantly other human beings. I know most of you belong to the same category and have always been envious of the ones who are so detached and practical and aren’t really affected with the smallest of things. Yes, sometimes even I wish I was one of that kind but nevertheless, we should be proud of how we are as a person whether empathetic or indifferent, that really doesn’t matter but what does matter is to know where to draw the line!

And that’s where lies the most important thing, to know when to draw a line – to know that it’s high time to let go of all your attachments & inhibitions and move on in life!

Like I’m very attached to one of the city that I’m highly obsessed with and trust me, I could have done anything to spend my whole life over there but not anymore! Of course, I do love that place the most but there’s no reason why I should be stuck at that place only, for all my life. It’s time to visit new places, learn about new culture, feel the amazing climate of that place and what not.

Same goes for human beings, why be stuck at one single person? You want to spend your days, months and years in thinking about someone, who might (possibly) have moved on? Really?

I don’t say it’s necessary for you as well to move on with someone else but it’s absolutely required for you to accept the things the way they are and let go of that person, in the most humble manner.

I know it’s hard to decide whether to hold on to something or let it go but eventually, there will come a time when you’ll know that there’s nothing more left to it. Waiting won’t fetch you anything and letting go is the only remedy that you’ll have for yourself!

Before I put an end to this post, I would also say letting go doesn’t mean you won’t get reminded of the past memories, you most certainly will but that’s okay. You’ll take time to get used to that void but one day you will! 🙂

I know this post got stretched too far but I really hope it does make a difference and makes you a stronger person. Have a great time fellow human beings. Bye! ♥

What is more important?

If there’s anything that brings a smile on your face or that really makes your day is what that makes you happy.

Hello people, I’m here again with my second post! ♥

Life is harsh at times & sometimes we make it difficult on our own to survive, by doing things that won’t fetch us joy always. I used to believe, that momentary happiness is much more significant than long term happiness, as in a sense, I supported the saying in being happy with whatever that we have right now without thinking of the future. But now as I see the bigger picture,I think it’s good to live at present but we should never compromise with our future. And by future, I don’t mean just the career but our life as a whole!

You’ve got only one life and you wish to live it by getting hurt time & again? No, right? Why not give yourself every damn reason to be happy that you so rightfully deserve? It’s high time to let go of the thought, that somebody else is responsible to make you happy. Till the time, you don’t care about your own happiness, nobody else will!

Okay, now let me make it clear that, I’m not at all against of short term happiness or living in the moment but to have a better & a happier tomorrow we need to be more considerate & aware about everything else too.

The key to eternal happiness is, living for each other. Not even for once try to hurt someone else. If you can’t do something good for others, don’t even do bad with them!

And by doing this, you my friend, will always be happy & serene because there’s nothing better than knowing that there’s none at all who cries because of you. Also, even if somebody hurts you, revenge can never be an option or a choice. Try to be a better person and leave the situation the way it is. It’s not always necessary to prove that you’re right!

“Kissi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisaar, Kissi ka dard mil sake toh le udhaar..jeena issi ka naam hai!”

Yes absolutely, that’s how life is supposed to be lived. Sometimes, we need to think about others too & not only about our happiness on cost of other’s.

PS: it doesn’t take much to be a good person but it takes everything to be a bad one. The choice is always yours! 🙂

Trust, is it something too fragile?

“You broke my trust”,

“I trusted you but all you could do was prove me wrong?”,

“I cannot trust anyone, anymore for all that the wrong people have done to me!”

And the list is endless. Hi, this is my first post & being a HR professional, trust me maybe I like analyzing people & their behaviour way too much.

What according to you is trust?

“A feeling of being safe with someone, that you can be your vulnerable self in front of them without thinking even a bit.”


“that someone is being honest & real with you always.” I don’t know how do you perceive the meaning of this word but to me, “it is to believe that someone can do wrong but won’t do anything wrong with you.”

I have seen a lot of people turning into something they swore they never would. Has this changed me as a person? Yes, absolutely. Now that I’ve an idea as to how much selfish a person can be, I know I don’t have to accept/listen to what they say blindly. But is there any end to it? Why do people break someone’s trust in the first place? Is it a habit or it happens unintentionally?

Well well, don’t take me wrong but some people do have this as a habit & the others just do it either knowingly or unknowingly. Believe me, it takes a lot of time to get over the fact that, that somebody just played with you & your belief, in order to make themselves feel better but that’s how it is!

Now talking about those who have done this deed or misdeed of breaking someone’s trust. You think it is easy to make a fool of someone & live at peace with yourself?

If the other person has lost their sleep because of someone like you, one day even you’ll face the same thing sooner or later!

Once you have really hurt someone, it will always be in the back of their mind even if they still have a smile on their face!

And now I would like to end this post on a positive note, that even if people have wronged you in some or the other way, yes, it might seem impossible right now to accept these things wholeheartedly but someday you’ll! 

And then you’ll laugh on all those things & those people who wouldn’t matter to you anymore..Till then, stay strong & let everything pass on with time. Not everyone is going to be good to you, most of them are not even good to themselves! So stay calm & shine on! 🙂